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Getting Started in Research / Research Best Practices

Getting Started in Research

Research Advice Dennis Bernstein, University of Michigan. An excellent description of the challenges of doing research, with advice on doing it right.
More AdviceArticle shared by Dr. McLain on what makes great research and how to pick a topic
More AdviceMartin A. Schwarz, University of Virginia. The importance of stupidity in scientific research.
Peer ReviewDennis Bernstein, University of Michigan. Eleven questions to ask when reviewing a paper.
Peer ReviewAlan Meier, University of California at Berkeley. How to review a technical paper.

Great cross-platform program (free!) to manage the papers you read and cite. (It also gives

you space in the Cloud to store all of your pdf paper files)

HandbooksMechanical Engineering MS and PhD Handbooks

Help with Writing

Control Curriculum at BYU

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